facebook – Like Box

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The Like Box is a special version of the Like Button designed only for Facebook Pages. It allows admins to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into other sites.

URL: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages


Setting HTML5 Attribute Description Default
colorscheme data-colorscheme The color scheme used by the plugin. Can be „light“ or „dark“. light
force_wall data-force-wall For „place“ Pages (Pages that have a physical location that can be used with check-ins), this specifies whether the stream contains posts by the Page or just check-ins from friends. false
header data-header Specifies whether to display the Facebook header at the top of the plugin. true
height data-height The height of the plugin in pixels. The default height varies based on number of faces to display, and whether the stream is displayed. With stream set to true and 10 photos displayed (via show_faces) the default height is 556px. With stream and show_faces both false, the default height is 63px. Varies, see left.
href data-href The absolute URL of the Facebook Page that will be liked. This is a required setting. None
show_border data-show-border Specifies whether or not to show a border around the plugin. true
show_faces data-show-faces Specifies whether to display profile photos of people who like the page. true
stream data-stream Specifies whether to display a stream of the latest posts by the Page. false
width data-width The width of the plugin in pixels. Minimum is 292. 300